Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Handmade Birthday Gifts

Late last year I signed up for two {almost} year-long swaps. Both swaps are based on the idea of a birthday swap, but since we had some duplicated months most people are receiving gifts during a non-birthday month. But I was lucky to get my birthday as my 'month' in both groups. Really I wanted to receive during March not because of my birthday, but because I knew how crazy-busy March was going to be. But getting a dozen extra birthday gifts isn't too bad of a way to celebrate turning 41!

Bonnie and Camille Birthday Club
In this group we are making gifts using the beautiful fabrics of Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I really didn't know any of these ladies when we got matched together, and I have enjoyed getting to know them through social media.

Bonnie & Camille Birthday Club 
From Lisa Schmitz 
IG: lschmitzrn

  Bonnie & Camille Birthday Club 
From Michelle Curtis 
IG: chellesquilts

  Bonnie & Camille Birthday Club 
From Diana Ray 
IG: rayssewcrafty

  Bonnie & Camille Birthday Club 
From Jenny Fitzpatrick 
IG: jenjive14

  Bonnie & Camille Birthday Club 
From Teri Townley 
IG: hummingbirdthread

  Bonnie & Camille Birthday Club
From Kim Goodwin 
IG: kimmer722

Unbirthday Club
This is a group of local friends... an awesome group I met through the Houston Modern Quilt Guild. These ladies are awesome!! And I love them all so much!

Unbirthday Club 
From Julia Eigenbrodt 
IG: stars_sunshine

  Unbirthday Club 
From Karri Garza 
IG: karriofberries

  Unbirthday Club 
From Debbie Grosskopf 
IG: mumziepooh

  Unbirthday Club 
From Amy Campbell 
IG: houseofbadcats

  Unbirthday Club
From Stephanie Freeman 
IG: houstondiy

  Unbirthday Club 
From Felice Regina 
IG: iamlunasol

I look forward to making something special for each of these ladies through the year to come! Oh, and I'm still expecting a few more gifts... I'll share those once they arrive.

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