Friday, January 23, 2015

Fabulous Foodie Swap

After last Fall's crazy amount of swaps I swore there would be no more swaps for a while. Well, that lasted all of about a week. The Fabulous Foodie Swap... yummy foods (and no sewing)... how could I resist that!?!

I received a fun package from Leah in Racine WI.

@leahtherese look what was waiting on my porch tonight! I can't wait to dig into it all. Thank you so much! #fabulousfoodieswap 
coffee, chai, honey spoons, mints, caramels, and applewood smoked sea salt 
I can't wait to try it all!!

And as it turns out, Leah and I were partnered up. I sent to her a package with some of my very favorite things.

Fabulous Foodie Swap
texas honey, cinnamon sugar grinder, dark chocolate caramel with black sea salt, popcorn from graze, and hi-chews 
(have you tried graze boxes... I love them!!)

I have a couple more swaps coming up, but I really have been doing my best to resist all of the on-line temptation (oh, except for the scarf swap I signed up for this week - oops!)

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