Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dr. Seuss Quilt

I've been in the process of clearing out some of my fabric stash. I love everything in it, but let's be real... the amount of fabric I have compared to the amount of time I have to sew are not anywhere close to being the same. And with Megan almost 7 now, I figured she'd be waning on her interest in Dr. Seuss so I was planning to put my (substantial) collection up for sale. I had a pile of fabrics on my cutting table getting ready to measure, photograph, and list them all when Megan walked in and literally gasped.

189:365 My book-loving little girl asked me to make her a Dr. Seuss quilt.

So a Dr. Seuss quilt quickly jumped to the top of my to-do list. Megan and I spent a lot of time together looking at the fabrics and reviewing quilt patterns. We wanted a pattern that used a good selection of the fabrics we had and also used big pieces. We ended up picking a pattern called Meadow Blocks by Carlene Westberg. Years ago I bought some fabric from Carlene and she had added a copy of the pattern with my order.

Dr. Seuss Quilt

The pattern goes together REALLY fast! My only complaint... some of my fabrics were directional, and the way some of the pieces were cut would have caused my pieces to be sideways. It might not bother some, but I didn't want sideways text prints. But since I had more than a Fat Quarter of most prints, it wasn't a problem for me to cut the directional prints different than the pattern directions.

Dr. Seuss Quilt

And I'm happy to say that Megan LOVES this quilt. She has had it on her bed for two weeks now. She hasn't even let me give it an initial wash & dry to get it good and crinkly.

Quilt Details
Fabric: Dr. Seuss collection by Robert Kaufman
Pattern: Meadow Blocks by Carlene Westberg
Size: 64" x 72"
Pieced and Quilted by me
Link to ALYoF goal here

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Rachell said...

I love it! I bet my boys would love it as much as your little one does. Great job!
My little guy wanted to be Cat in the Hat for Halloween last year, so I found a tutorial for that hat and used a cat costume with fleece and felt. He loved it!