Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scrappy Pillow

I've been working on a bunch a smaller projects lately. Life has been keeping me pretty busy so these little projects give me something to work on, with a quick feeling of accomplishment. Over the coming days/weeks I'll be sharing these projects.

So let's start with a pillow I made for Susannah Kate as part of the Handmade Birthday Club Swap.

Scrappy Pillow

I knew I wanted to make her a pillow... it was one of the things on her wish list, and I really like making pillows! But I was stuck for an idea of just what kind of pillow to make. So as I looked around my sewing room for inspiration I started thinking about the bowl of 2.5" scraps I keep next to my sewing machine. I use these little squares as leaders/enders and when I need to mark a break in chain piecing. And I've been able to put together three quilts with them. So pulling out 25 darling little squares was easy, and fun!

Scrappy Pillow

I bordered the patchwork with a wide piece of Moda Crossweave, and quilted it with my new favorite thread - a variegated grey from King Tut.

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Phyllis said...

That looks great, love that fabric for the border and nice quilting!