Friday, July 25, 2014

Scrappy Churn Dash

Last weekend was our HMQG mini-quilt swap. I've been wanting to make a churn dash quilt for a while now, so I thought a mini-churn dash might be fun. But not just a plain churn dash... a scrappy churn dash.

Scrappy Churn Dash

Why blue? Well, you should see my blue scrap bin... I could probably make a full-size blue scrap quilt with what I have in that bin!

Megan and I had a great time digging through the scraps for the perfect pieces to add to this quilt. She really loved the few animal prints we added... a hippo, an elephant, a bug, and a couple of birds.

Scrappy Churn Dash

I spent the better part of a day debating how to quilt this. The plan was to quilt it on my regular sewing machine, since I figured it was too small to bother with loading on the longarm. But when I couldn't come up with any straight-line quilting ideas, I went ahead and loaded it up on the longarm. And you know what... it took no more time to load it onto the longarm than it would have to baste it. 30 minutes, start to finish, and it was ready for binding.

Scrappy Churn Dash

Quilt Details
Pattern: Scrappy Churn Dash - based on 2.5" cut squares
Fabric: blue scraps + cream Essential Dots by Riley Blake
Backing: Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt
Binding: random blue Kona from my stash (I really should label those when I buy them!)


Phyllis said...

I so love this! The pattern (Churn Dash is one of my fav blocks) , the scrappiness, the background, the quilting. If you have so many scraps why not make a whole quilt of this? Maybe even in different color scrappy Churn Dash blocks? Would be wonderful!

Hilary said...

This was so pretty in person! I might have to copy it :)

suemac said...

Very cute. Love all the blue fabric.