Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nesting Fabric Bowls

This is long over-due... sort of a Catching Up Part 2

A few months back I was involved in a couple of swaps. First up was the Yarn-Stitch Swap organized through Instagram. This swap paired up fabric and yarn folks... I stitched for someone and she knit for me. One of the things on my partner's wish list was a rainbow selection of fabric bowls. I searched the internet for inspiration, and kept coming across pictures of bowls made from the Nesting Fabric Bowl pattern by Nova/A Cuppa and A Catch Up.

This is an awesome pattern! Lots of sizes, lots of options, and very detailed!

Rainbow Fabric Bowls

So I raided my scrap bins and pieced together a different patchwork strip for each of the six bowls I made for my partner.

Rainbow Fabric Bowls

I paired each bowl with Moda Crossweave in grey (one of my very favorite fabrics).

Rainbow Fabric Bowls

These bowls were so much fun to make, that I made one more for my The Stash Bash Secret Sister Swap. Ella was my partner and I knew she's a fan of the BBC show Sherlock, so when I found some Sherlock fabric on Spoonflower, I was excited to turn it into a bowl! And good thing these bowls sew up so quickly... my fabric arrived from Spoonflower the day before we left for GA. And I would have sewn up the bowl that evening, but watching the hockey playoffs trumped sewing that evening. So with my cut and prepared pieces packed away in my luggage, I took everything with us and was able to whip this bowl up on the first day of The Stash Bash.

Fabric Bowl

Now I need to make one (or ten) for myself.


Ella said...

It is glorious! My husband has threatened to steal it many times...

Phyllis said...

You are so clever! These are great, love the way they look! I don't know how you find the time with your work etc. to do all this.... quilting.... swaps....

suemac said...

Love the Sherlock bowl. It is a great mystery series.