Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Handmade Birthday Gifts

Sometime last year I signed up for the Handmade Birthday Club hosted by Susannah Kate.

12 crafty ladies 
(approximately) 1 birthday per month 
lots of handmade goodies 

My birthday was in March. And this was a kind of a big one, so how awesome to celebrate with gifts from 11 of my new internet BFFs!

@courtiepie I LOVE IT!!! What an amazing birthday gift! Thank you so much  #handmadebirthdayclub #handmadebirthdayclub2014 
From Courtney @courtiepie

  @ylmommyx4 I love it!!! Thank you so much! #handmadebirthdayclub #handmadebirthdayclub2014 
From Diane @ylmommyx4

  @savinggrc Thank you for the placemats! They will match my Fiesta Wear perfectly (and your note had me giggling!) #handmadebirthdayclub #handmadebirthdayclub2014 
From Karen @savinggrc

  @pheasantpress Thank you! The notecards are amazing!! Can't wait to write a special little note on them! 
From Sarah @phesantpress

  @susannahkate_sews OMG! I love it!! Hope Valley + Purple =  And, I'm taking a crochet class this weekend & was just thinking I need a new project bag for it!! Thank you!!  #handmadebirthdayclub #handmadebirthdayclub2014 
From Susannah Kate @susannahkate_sews

  Handmade Birthday Club gift from SewPixie 
From Rebecca @sewpixie

  Handmade Birthday Club gift from StitchingandBacon 
From Sarah @stitchingandbacon

  Handmade Birthday Club gift from maychappell 
From Lee @maychappell

  @needledfig Such an awesome #handmadebirthdayclub gift!! Thank you! 
From Amy @needledfig

  @fromblankpages Thank you!! I love all the goodies you sent! The mini is going right on the wall over my sewing machine. #handmadebirthdayclub 
From Diane @fromblankpages

  @whipstitchier Awesome!! The bags, the nail polish, the fox... I love it all. Thanks! #handmadebirthdayclub 
From Deborah @whipstitcher

These ladies are amazing! I mentioned that I liked purple, grey, rainbows, bags, Hope Valley, Echino deers, pillows, Anna Maria Horner... and these ladies took those ideas and turned them into the most fantastic gifts!


Phyllis said...

What a great idea! And such talent among the participants, you got great gifts!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

OMG - what a great swap idea. How fun! You got such beautiful gifts. And seriously - LOVE those cadbury mini eggs! GAH!!

suemac said...

Nice gifts. Everyone went all out.

Shan said...

Awesome gifts. Loves hall thé coloré in thons post.