Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching Up

I don't seem to be making as many quilts this year. Not from a lack of want, but from a lack of time. I'm still working away on quilts (usually working on a few at a time), but I've also been adding in a lot of smaller projects. So as I get ready to head off to The Stash Bash (and sew, sew, sew for three days) I thought I'd share a few of the non-quilt things I've made over the last few months.

 First up, birthday gifts for a couple of awesome friends.

Box Bags
That print on the left... that was a gift from a super-awesome new friend, and it seemed only fitting to make it into a gift for another friend!

Another birthday gift, and this time I made a notebook cover from those fantastic Lush Paint By Number Birds. I love composition notebooks (second only to Moleskine notebooks) so I love making these covers.

 Notebook Cover 

I finally put some of my selvedges to use and made these Open Wide zipper bags. Two were for gifts, and one was for me!

Selvedge Zipper Bags

These travel sewing kits were made for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild Swap (right) and the Handmade Birthday Club (left). These are another one of my favorite gits to make... they sew up super fast, and are so fun to pick out fabrics for! 

Travel Sewing Kit 

I have a couple "bigger" small projects to show, but I'll save those until I'm back from The Stash Bash.

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suemac said...

Love the traveling sewing kit bag.