Monday, March 31, 2014

Find Momo

Do you know Momo?


If you're on Instagram and love dogs (even a little), you need to follow this sweet pup and his owner Andrew.  Momo and Andrew are traveling the country (in an awesome yellow van) on a book tour for Andrew's new book Find Momo. After missing Maddie on tour last year there was no way I was missing Momo when they swung through Houston.

On each stop of the tour, Andrew and Momo are playing a little bit of hide-and-seek with their fans... Andrew posts a picture of Momo, and if you figure out where they are, and are the first one to arrive, there's a red envelope waiting for you (with a ticket for a free copy of the book.) About Noon Sunday I saw Andrew's Houston picture post to Instagram, and knew right where they were (of course the location tag didn't hurt!) We live in the far southwest 'burbs, a good 30 minutes away, so I figured the envelope would be gone before we got there, but still we had to try (and since the location was just down the street from the book store, it wasn't like we had to go our of our way.) Imagine my surprise when we pulled up, and there on the ground, under the trash can, was the bright red envelope. We parked at the convenience store across the street and snatched up our prize.

Momo Book Signing

We spent about an hour at Brazos book store... listening to Andrew's story, playing with Momo, and taking pictures.

Momo Book Signing

Megan and Momo

Megan brought along a toy for Momo. Andrew told Megan he was certain Momo would love it since it was a combination of Momo's two favorite toys... his ball and his rope.

Megan, Momo & Andrew

Thanks Andrew for letting us play with your fabulous dog! And thanks to Brazos Books for hosting such a fun afternoon.


suemac said...

Sounds like so much fun.

Phyllis said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for the tip, I will follow them on IG and great you found the envelope, that must have been so exciting!