Friday, March 28, 2014

Boutique Jelly Roll Quilt

I totally deserve a gold star for finishing this one!

Jelly Roll Race

I (foolishly) thought this would be a quick finish. I loaded it on the longarm and set off to make large wavy lines across the quilt. Within minutes my thread shredded... not just a simple break, but a big gnarly nest of shredded thread. I regrouped and started again... another shredded thread. One more try and it shredded again. I called my rep and she offered a few more suggestions... more shredded thread. She came by the house and tried a few more things... more shredded thread.

Jelly Roll Race

In the end we tried: re-threading the top, re-threading the bottom, new needle, new needle from another package/shipment, moved the thread from the right spindle to the left spindle, another cone of the same thread, a cone of different thread, a new bobbin, a new bobbin case, checked top thread tension, checked bottom tension... I finally took the machine in for a little check-up. And I'm happy to report that it is fixed and ready for me to pick up tomorrow!

Jelly Roll Race

In the meantime I wanted to finish up this quilt. So I pin basted it before taking it off the frame and quilted it on my Janome. It was a little rough going... I'm out of practice, I didn't pin-baste nearly enough, and thanks to a couple of holes in the border fabric (from ripping out stitches) I had to trim it down just a bit. But it is finished!

Quilt Details
Quilt Top & Binding: Boutique by Chez Moi for Moda
Backing Fabric: (unknown) solid
Pattern: Jelly Roll Race AKA 1600 Quilt
March ALYoF Goal here

A Lovely Year of Finishes


suemac said...

I like your wavy lines. Sorry about your long arm. Glad it is fixed and ready to go.

Christa Hitchcock said...

You certainly went through an exhaustive checklist to find out what was NOT wrong with your machine. I like your wavy lines quilting! I have one of those jelly roll quilts that I was not too crazy about when I finished sewing it, but I may just quilt it using wavy lines as well. So simple, yet so effective! Thanks for sharing!