Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby Bibs

Lately I've found myself in this strange middle ground... while some of my friends are having babies, others are expecting their first, or second, grandbaby. But baby or grandbaby, there is a bumper-crop expected this Spring.

So I've been busy turning quilt scraps into baby bibs.

Baby Bibs

* 2 for a coworker who's wife had a baby week before last
* 2 for another coworker who's eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second granddaughter this month
* 2 for my girl scout co-leader who's due in April
* 2 for another mom in our girl scout troop (who's also due in April)
* and the last 2... well, I might need to save those since I just found out a dear friend is pregnant with twins.

Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs


Phyllis said...

So cute, that row of bibs!

Jan said...

These bibs are so great. I bet the parents won't want to use them!

Hilary said...

So cute :)

Rob O'Neill said...

Actually, I have seen many baby bibs but I just love this row of baby bibs because of it's undeniable cuteness. Many moms would really love to use these baby bibs and I could say that I really like these baby bibs. They may seem so common
but I know they are also worth having for.

Beverly Jefferson said...

A bit resourceful, but I think that quilt fabrics are not that well as baby bibs, but I like how you made it and it's also very cute.