Saturday, February 1, 2014

Color Theory Workshop

In January, instead of our usual meeting, Houston Modern Quilt Guild hosted a workshop on Color Theory with Jessica Darling. None of us really had any idea of what to expect... just that we would be working with our scraps. I brought a wide variety of scraps... a little bit of every color so that I would have options. And then Jessica's instructions began with... Dump all your scraps into a big pile on the floor.

18:365 #HMQG scrap pile. Ready for a class with @jessicakdarling

YIKES!! What a site it was to watch 25 women digging through a big pile of fabric!

I ended up picking a big piece of Anna Maria Horner's Summer Totem Tart from her LouLouThi line, and it served as my "party host". Everything else I used pulled from the colors in that piece.

Color Theory Workshop

The construction was pretty simple... sew, cut, sew, cut and repeat. Soon I was up to a couple of pieces that fit together into about 20-inches square. So I thought a pillow would perfect!

And I must have fallen in love with the colors... I have 2 more projects in the works with the same fabrics (plus a few more from my own scrap bins.)


Sara said...

I was totally picturing all of the women digging through scraps on the floor! Hehehe.

What an adventurous time! Creativity running rampant....the block you created is awesome:)

suemac said...

It looks like it was fun. Jessica is great to work with.