Friday, January 17, 2014

Boston Bruins

I've been a hockey fan since I was a kid.  Got hooked while watching the 1988 Winter Olympics, and since we had a satellite dish (NOT the Dish/DirectTV of today, but the BIG dish installed in the middle of your backyard) I could watch just about any NHL game I wanted once the Olympics were over.  My team became the Boston Bruins in the days of Cam Neely, Andy Moog, and Ray Bourque.  For the last 25 years I've wanted to see a game in person, but when you live almost 2,000 miles away on the Texas Gulf coast, it isn't that easy.

Boston Bruins January 16, 2014

Fast forward to May 2013: I'm watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, and much to my surprise Megan starts watching the games with me.  She cheers, she celebrates each win, she's almost in tears when we tell her Chicago beat Boston for the cup.

Boston Bruins January 16, 2014

So on a whim I checked the NHL 2013-2014 schedule and found that Boston would play in Dallas once, in January, and a plan was hatched... tickets were purchased, tshirts were gifted (thanks mom!), and hotel reservations were made. Chris and I each took 2 days of vacation, Megan missed a day and half of school, the dog was boarded, and door-to-door we were gone 25 hours (9 hours of that in the car)...

Boston Bruins January 16, 2014

And it was all worth it!! The game was awesome... our seats were fantastic, we were surrounded by enthusiastic Bruins fans, and the Bruins won 4 to 1!

Boston Bruins January 16, 2014

so. much. fun.
I'm ready to make plans for another Dallas road trip during the 2014-2015 season (of course now Megan wants to go to a game in Boston!)

Boston Bruins January 16, 2014

Let's go Bruins {clap} {clap} {clap}


Phyllis said...

Saw your pics on IG. Looks like a fun trip!

suemac said...

I went to a few hockey games when I was living in St. Louis and one of my sons played hockey in high school. It is an exciting game.