Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 - A Year in Review

Another successful year has come to a close!

I've had fun looking back through pictures from this year... remembering the crafty things as well as the family fun we had this year. Here are some of our highlights...

I did a fair amount of travel - personal and business - this year. Rough estimate I covered 7,500 miles by air, and 5,500 miles on road trips. On the list this year: Atlanta (twice), New Hampshire, Disney World, Sarasota, Austin (twice), San Antonio, Smithville, Dripping Springs, Chicago, Toronto.

Atlanta - it's been great! See you again soon.
On my 2014 list are Atlanta, New Hampshire... maybe Utah, India, London, and France (very slim chance on those last 3, but I'll keep my fingers crossed).

I didn't make my goal of 50 books this year, but I did better than my usual yearly average... so I guess that can be considered a win!

Shelfari 2013 Shelfari 2 2013
Total Books: 43
Paper v. Kindle: 9/34
Number of Pages: approximately 15,150 (according to Good Reads)
Longest Book: The Lion's Game at 720 pages
Shortest Book: Flat Out Matt at 158 pages
Favorite Book(s): The Jack Reacher series. I finished books 1 - 10 this year, and started on book 11 yesterday. I even had the chance to see author Lee Child speak at Murder by the Book.

251:365 Such a fun time at Lee Child's talk! I was number 160 (of 205) to have my booked signed.

It was a BIG year for Megan... she passed her swim test (and can now go on the big slide at Lifetime!), started Kindergarten, joined Girl Scouts, was a top seller in the school fundraiser, fractured her shoulder riding a sheep at the Rodeo, spent time with her New Hampshire cousins (both while we were in Florida and during our New Hampshire visit), fed some goats, and turned 6.

Feeding frenzy

I often feel slow and unproductive in my sewing. By the time I figure in work, family, housekeeping, friends, sleep(!) it seems I'm just grabbing a few minutes here and there. But after looking back over the entire year I'm pretty impressed with myself... 14 finished quilts (some of those pre-2013 WIPs), 2 quilt tops that need to be quilted, 2 mini quilts, 5 pillows, 3 grocery bags, 2 ornaments, 16 coin pouches, 7 box bags, a pillow case, 2 divided baskets, a Jane Market bag, 5 zip pouches, a casserole carrier, a pair of pants (that Megan refused to wear!), and a potholder.

2013 Quilts

Some 2013 (non-quilt) Sewing

My 2014 sewing goal... use my stash! And not in the I-have-too-much-fabric-and-won't-buy-more kind of way. More in the It's-only-fabric-don't-be-afraid-to-use-it kind of way (I'm looking at you, oh precious Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner).

Happy New Year!

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suemac said...

I too have some Tula Pink that is sitting uncut. I do have a plan for the AMH. I am on a fabric diet. Way too much fabric