Thursday, December 19, 2013

Handmade Holidays

Somehow I seem to have lost a week or two between Thanksgiving and now. All those great holiday plans... go see Christmas lights, bake cookies, send cards... yep, none of that has happened so far this year.

I told Megan I would make a holiday gift for her teacher. Silly me thought Kindergarten = 1 teacher = 1 gift. Oh no! The grand total came in at 11 handmade gifts... Kinder, art, music, PE, computer, librarian, councilor, principal, and 3 ladies that run the afterschool program. But with a plan, a few late nights, and a lot of episodes of Chuck on Netflix, I got them all done.

Made productive use of a sick day home with Megan... #dividedbasket for teacher Christmas gift.
Saggy Baggy Elephant divided basket for Kinder teacher

  Six more bags done! Only three more to go. Someone please remind me to start holiday sewing earlier next year! #handmadeholidays

First box pouch done! Now to assembly line 6 more (and come up with 3 more school gifts). #handmadeholidays
7 box pouches for all the 'specials' teachers

  After sewing 7 box pouches in 2 evenings I just couldn't make any more... so the after-school teachers are getting hippo coin pouches.  #handmadeholidays
And 3 hippo coin pouches for the afterschool ladies

Feels good to have these done! Now just a few more things to make and I'll be able to give my machine a little holiday break.

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suemac said...

Wow. You were busy.