Sunday, September 29, 2013


Squeezing this month's finish in just under the deadline.

Indie Quilt

I originally thought that I would quilt this with an all-over meander, but once I got the quilt on the machine I decided to try something else... Horizontal and Vertical squiggly lines in each of the sections. And it turned out to be a good exercise for me... I got accustomed to staying within the area of each block (better towards the end than the beginning), I got practice on how to get myself from one section to another (quilt in the ditch), and I found out I can't talk to Megan while trying to focus on the quilt (there's a little flub in there somewhere.)

Indie Quilt

I also changed my mind on the binding... I had a good bit of leftover backing, so I used it for the binding also. Waste not, want not - right?!?

Indie Quilt

Quilt Details:
Quilt Fabric (top, back & binding): Indie by Art Gallery
Pattern: based on Busy Bee pattern by Villa Rosa Designs
September goal posted here


Hilary said...

This looks awesome!

jodydeschenes said...

great job! love it! love Indie!

suemac said...

I often find myself using leftover backing material. It at least matches the back.

smazoochie said...

The quilting looks great! If you didn't have to go to that pesky job of yours & could really spend some time with your longarm, you would be Angela Walters in no time.