Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've run across a couple of really cute fish quilts in blog-land recently. And in my usual over-excited way, I decided that I MUST MAKE ONE RIGHT NOW!

I tracked down the pattern and got to planning. It went something like this:

Fish: Scrappy (of course!)
Background: something white, but not solid white... maybe something with a bit of a print... hmmmm... oh, I know what would be PERFECT... but I don't have any in my stash... and it is out of print... let's see what Etsy has... oh, there it is... and on sale... okay, I'll get a yard... oh, but maybe I'll need 2 yards... well for this price I might as well get 3 yards...

And with my finger over the BUY button I suddenly had a flash... how many of those teeny-tiny fish would I have to make for a decent-size quilt?

See, I have a rather short attention span when it comes to projects.  I love planning them... picking out the perfect materials... the excitement of something new!  But then the excitement wears off, and I'm on to the next project. Any wonder why I have so many UFOs?

So as a compromise I decided to make just a couple of fish.  I printed off 3 pages - enough for 6 fish.  If I LOVED it, I could always jump in and make a whole school of fish.  And if I didn't love it so much, well then I'd have a few more blocks for my Kitchen Sink quilt.

Last night I made 2 fish while killing time waiting for the Sons of Anarchy season premier to start.

Paper Pieced Fish

They are adorable! But you know what... I think I'm done.

Paper Pieced Fish


smazoochie said...

Does Miss M need a quilt? Do you & C need a cuddle quilt? Puppy? Kitty? SOMEONE needs a fan quilt!

Emily said...

Lol that is so like me! I keep buying all these precuts and now I have way more than I can use, on top of all the other fantastic things I want to make :D

suemac said...

You are too funny.