Friday, August 23, 2013


When Megan was 12 weeks old we enrolled her in a daycare/pre-school near our offices. It was recommended by friends, convenient, and fit into our schedules... what more could you ask for, right? Well, we ended up with so much more... Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Michelle, Mr. Tony, Ms. Gayle... they became family. Yesterday we said our (temporary*) good-byes to all the kids and teachers at Excel. And being the super-sweet kid she is, Megan wanted to do something special for the school.

After a little discussion, we decided that the school could use some new pillows for the reading area in the pre-school room. And since we waited until the last minute (4 days from idea to last day) I decided to go simple. 2 Kona charm packs + HST = 3 pretty awesome pillows!

Kona HST Pillows

Sunday afternoon I pieced and trimmed the HSTs, then after dinner I gave the blocks to Megan and let her pick the layout for the pillows. She asked for my help a couple of times, but all-in-all, the layout was all her doing... and I think she did a great job! I backed them in some random dot fabric from my stash (probably purchased back in my clothing sewing days when Megan was an infant)... a well-stocked stash is great for last-minute projects!

Kona HST Pillows

And speaking of last-minute, the pillow-forms for these were TOTALLY last-minute! Once we decided on making pillows I ran up to JoAnns and bought pillow forms (with my 3 50%-off coupons).
 On the ball! 
Until a few days later when I realized I bought 18" forms, but was making 20" pillows... Yikes! No problem though... I'll just pop by JoAnns Thursday morning, on my way to the end-of-summer party, and exchange for the correct forms. Except I couldn't find the right pillow-forms at JoAnns! Now what?!? And then I remembered the Garden Ridge Pottery across the street from JoAnns. Aisles and aisles of throw pillows... surely I could find something there that would work. And I did! And for less than the coupon-price of the original forms. WIN!!

Kona HST Pillows

(*Temporary, because Megan has already decided she's going back to Excel for Christmas and Summer breaks.)


Paula said...

Beautiful pillows and a great vibrant design, perfect for little ones. I'm sure your gift will be very much appreciated and much enjoyed by all there.

suemac said...

So sweet of your daughter to want to gift something to her school.

Hilary @ Young Texan Mama said...

they look great!

leanne said...

these pillows are awesome and Megan is a budding little designer - love her layout style !!