Thursday, August 15, 2013

O Canada

I went to Canada last week. And apparently this was my first "real" trip to Canada...

There were lots of conversations that went something like this:
Them: Have you been to Canada before? 
Me: Yes. I went to Niagara Falls in 1988 
Them: {eye roll} That's not really Canada.

Who knew?!?

So to celebrate my second first-trip, I made a quilt block. I'm forever commemorating events with something... charms for my bracelet, Starbucks mugs... so why not a quilt block?

Maple Leaf

I had lots of fun digging through my red scraps for this block, making sure each of the eleven pieces were from a different fabric. And while I was putting the block together I kept thinking this would be cool in blues too (for those Toronto Maple Leafs fans.)

I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with the block. I could add a border and turn it into a pillow, or maybe save it for a "kitchen sink" quilt.

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suemac said...

What a fun way to remember your trip to Canada.