Friday, February 15, 2013

Mommy-Megan Day

It's been a bit of a rough week around here... hubby has been in Connecticut since Sunday (and is on the plane home as I type). There have been a lot of tears; middle of the night bad dreams; and a 1,000,000 questions of when daddy will be home. So I thought we needed a day off from work and preschool to have a little fun!

It was an amazingly beautiful, sunny, mid-60 degree day in Houston... a perfect day to spend in Hermann Park.

My silly breakfast date. 
A little Starbucks to help start the day.

  Just hanging out, hoping a butterfly lands on her. 
First stop was the Butterfly Center at Houston Museum of Natural Science.  We timed it perfectly and were done and heading to our next stop as the school tour groups started pouring in.

  Beautiful day at the zoo 
And then it was off to the zoo! A carousel ride and a Hello to Mr. Melvin was a must.

  Feeding the giraffe. 
But the real reason we were there was to feed the giraffes! so. much. fun. And I now have 2 stamps on my frequent feeder card.

  Finishing our zoo trip with a ride on the train. 
We didn't spend too much time visiting the animals (we were just there a couple of weeks ago), so after a quick mandatory stop at the Red Pandas, we headed out for a ride on the train.

We came home tired and a little sunburned, but it really was the best day (and helped take Megan's mind off missing daddy!)


suemac said...

Glad you had a great mom/daughter day.

Suburban Stitcher said...

It's so nice to have days like that! Looks like she had a great time.