Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Sewing: A Review

2012 was a pretty productive sewing year for me... 21 quilts finished, another 6 quilt tops pieced (and on the to-do list to finish in 2013), and a number of smaller projects like bunting, bags, pouches, and pillows.

2012 Quilts

And a big thanks to Liz, Amy, and Safieh for hosting the 12 in 12 Challenge... it really inspired me to finish up some projects!

I've been giving some thought to projects I'd like to work on in 2013.

Quilt Tops That Need To Be Quilted: 12
Quilt Tops That Need To Be Finished (& Quilted): 3
New Quilts: 7 - Scrappy Tripalong, Out to Sea, Wonky Star, Scrap Vomit #3, Pow-Wow, Fat Quarter Frolic, Flora

Think that's enough to get me started ((wink wink))


Jana said...

Your finishes are inspiring. And gorgeous. Happy New Year.

suemac said...

You had a very productive year. Pat yourself on the back.

amy g :) said...

lots of beautiful scrappy looking patchwork - def not a strong suit for me, so i'm always impressed by others!!