Monday, December 31, 2012

I {heart} Books

I love to read!

But being a working mom, with time-intensive hobbies (hello quilting and sewing!) I never seem to have enough time to fit it all in. For the last couple of years I've set a goal for myself to read 50 books... not quite 1 a week... not bad right? But, I seem to top out every year at 30-35 books.

Well not this year! I finally did it!

I found my reading groove... 30-60 minutes in the morning while on the elliptical machine, 60-ish minutes during my lunch break, and (for 2 weeks each month) on a 45-minute bus ride home. Still can't get much time in on the weekends, but this works for me...

Shelfari 2012 Part 1
Shelfari 2012 Part 2

A little about the books I read this year...
* These 50 books = 17,000+ pages
* Every book was read on my Kindle
* About half came from my library's Kindle lending program
* I read some of my favorite authors this year... John Sandford, Jeff Lindsay, Blaze Clement
* I re-read one of my favorite books... Fletch by Gregory McDonald (little known fact: the movie, while a little different from the book, is my all time favorite movie and I can recite it almost word for word!)
* I tried out a couple of new series that I really liked... Rizzoli & Isles, Mickey Haller, Department Q... I hope to read more of these in 2013
* I took chances on some independent authors and most were hits

And the highlight of my reading year... going to see John Sandford at Murder by the Book.

142:365 John Sandford at Murder by the Book


Jan said...

That's great. We have some favorite authors in common. I'm a retired bookseller and love to read. I have a book blog where I do recommendations, if you ever need ideas.

Becca said...

I'm kinda jealous!

I got a lot of time to read, which I love to do, while on bed rest and while nursing. Alas, none since. I'm waiting on a book which is supposed to come out late fall. I've been waiting and waiting...

suemac said...

I have been a little lax with my book reading. I have a Nook and really no excuse. I belong to our local libraries mystery book club. I get at least 12 books in a year.

Suburban Stitcher said...

good for you! i get so much "reading" done because I'm doing books on tape for about 1/2 of mine...also through the library. is it weird that i sometimes find myself wishing that i was on a bus to and from work? so much time to read or knit or stitch!