Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quilt Market and Festival

Two weeks since Quilt Market
One week since Quilt Festival

So I thought it might be about time to show you what I came home from the shows with...

Quilt Market
Once again I braved Sample Spree! Bought more than I planned, but less than I wanted... that evens things out, right?

Quilt Market 
Clockwise from the top:Type, Folk Tales, Boho and PBJ, Kokka, and Architextures

I also came home with a bunch of books from author signings... maybe over the next couple of months I'll work my way through them and share some short reviews with you.

Quilt Festival
By the time Festival rolled around I had already spent 3 full days at the convention center for Market... I was exhausted and it showed in my shopping. 2 full days at festival and this is what I came home with

Quilt Festival 
three 1-yard cuts (thought they would make good bindings), two 2-yard cuts which will become backing for a planned-but-not-yet-started project, a spool of thread (King Tut grey variegated that I'm excited to try out), and a postcard quilt (mine was made by Beryl Taylor)

Now to find a home for all these new goodies!


Kimberly said...

Nice haul! I love the crosshatch prints in the Boho collection. Gonna have to pick those up once it's out. Thanks for sharing!

Kristan said...

I keep trying to start my "what I got at the festival" post, but there are so many pictures it's killing me. I seriously bought too much stuff. Jealous of your Architextures roll! Hoping Santa brings me a FQ bundle of that this year. And all that Kokka!! Yum!

suemac said...

Nice. I wish I could have gone. I would have liked to have gone to the Modern Quilt Guild meet-up.