Monday, September 24, 2012

100 Day Hustle

Scrolling through Blog-land this weekend I stumbled upon Kelsey's 100 Day Hustle.  This weekend marked not only the start of Fall, but also 100 days left in 2012.  And Kelsey is hosting a work-along to get through those to-do lists and start 2013 off fresh.

So I thought I'd look back on my list from May to see what progress I've made: (all of these just need to be quilted)
1. 1974 DONE
2. Washi HST 
3. American Jane Square-in-Square 
4. Verna Postage Stamp 
5. Simple Abundance Postage Stamp 
6. Sugar Pop Tumbler (baby size) DONE
7. Made in Cherry/Made in Swoon DONE
8. Simple Abundance Stacked Strip (baby size)
9. Ruby Baby Quilt
10. Hushabye Feed Sacks - with Mom for quilting
11. Domestic Bliss Feed Sacks - with Mom for quilting
12. Jelly Roll Race 
13. Aqua & White String
14. Pumpkins Gone Wild Disappearing 9-patch
15. Oh Cherry Disappearing 9-patch
16. Tranquility McGuffrey

And a few other things I've been working on:
1. HMQG mini-quilt
2. Mega Swoon
3. Urban Cowgirl Braid
4. Vintage Modern Quilt
5. Scrap Vomit Part 2
6. October do. Good Stitches 
7. Hexie EPP
8. Granny Square

Truth be told, I'd be thrilled to finish even a fraction of these. 

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Kelsey said...

So many fun quilts on here - can't wait to see the one out of Ruby - that's my favorite! And you rock having three things done already! Thanks for joining :)