Friday, August 10, 2012

Mommy - Megan Day

After a busy July I figured Megan and I deserved a day off to have some fun. We started, just like every other day, with a 5am wake-up (please tell me this child will learn to sleep in at some point!)

So after getting Chris off to work, I let Megan watch a movie and I cut out a new quilt.

Cutting is all done. Sewing will have to wait... Fun day ahead with my girl.

After being asked 10,000 times if Build A Bear was open yet, we finally headed to the mall. Megan made her choice right away... didn't even want to look at other options. After we left the store I got the full story... her friend from pre-school has the same bear, same dress and same shoes as the one Megan picked.  But she wants to keep hers a secret (still don't understand that one!)

First stop today - Build A Bear

And when you're up at 5am, you're ready for lunch by 11am. A stop at Double Dave's was in order! Still can't get her to try a Pepperoni Roll... silly girl doesn't know what she's missing!

Lunch break at Double Dave's

Our next stop was The Glazery for a little paint-your-own-pottery fun. "Mom, is this beautiful?" "Yes Sweet Pea, it is BEAUTIFUL!!"

Artist at work.

But the day wasn't all about Megan... I picked up some new Kona cotton pieces...

My helper picking out @robertkaufman Kona colors.

... some new All Stars...

My treat for the day... New Converse :)

... and we bought a Ninja blender for Chris (hopefully the Ninja doesn't lie like the Magic Bullet... nothing magic about that thing!)


Kimberly said...

How sweet of you!
You Kona solids look liked they'd match nicely with Violet Craft's new line, Madrona Road. I love it.

smazoochie said...

Good to indulge yourselves from time to time and making great memories too.

suemac said...

Kona loveliness. Sounds like you two had a great mother-daughter dayl