Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1974 Patchwork

Sometimes the simplest patchwork makes me the happiest

1974 Patchwork

This quilt really was born out of frustration...

Back in May we were in day 10,000 (or so it seemed) of the house turned upside down with new floors going into every room. And the car's 'check engine' light had come on the previous day (a quick, but EXPENSIVE fix). So that Friday morning, with the installers working away to finish on-time, I set my sewing machine back up and locked myself in my sewing room. I knew a quick & easy project with some great fabric would help ease the stress of the week.

1974 Patchwork

Then after a busy July, where I figure I was home for dinner 4 times over a three-week period, I had to work on something... something that I could zone-out doing... something that I could crank up the music and get lost in while forgetting the day... So some simple straight lines (but not always as straight and even as they could be) and this was done in no time.

1974 Patchwork

From start to finish this quilt was just what I needed! Now on to the next project!!


JoyLeanne said...

BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like i treally was the perfect project for the moment.

Emily said...

It's gorgeous! and I bet your floors are too!

suemac said...

It looks straight to me. It turned out really cute.

Jacey said...

Hey there! Yes, it looks like it was just what you needed. And it's lovely!