Friday, July 6, 2012

Scrap Vomit

Scrap Vomit is done!!
And would I sound like a broken record if I said that I love it...

Scrap Vomit

It took me three tries to get the right shade of purple (Kona Crocus, in case you're wondering) and I think it is perfect. I'm thinking my next one might use Kona Peacock...

Scrap Vomit

And for the back... yards and yards of lovely Parisville by Tula Pink.

Lots of Tula Goodness on the Back!!

The quilting was done by my HMQG-buddy Erin. Her quilts and quilting are amazing!

Scrap Vomit

My second scrappy finish in just a couple of weeks... with one more in the works and another one in the planning stage. I just might make a dent in those scrap bins yet!


smazoochie said...

So much to look at! A real beauty! And does it have Miss M's name on it? :-)

VeeV said...

absolutely beautiful!!!
but hardly vomit

Helen in the UK said...

It looks amazing :)

Suburban Stitcher said...


Jacey said...

It is beautiful! And I'm glad I got to hang out with you for a bit last night!