Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Life Week 28

July 8 - July 14

190:365 Cupcake break with my sweetie.
Sunday: Cupcake break with my sweetie. 

  191:365 What I made today... Inspired by Mega Swoon made by @safieh 
Monday: What I made today... 

  192:365 More Granny Squares 
Tuesday: More Granny Squares 

  193:365 This can't end well... 
Wednesday: This can't end well... 

  194:365 Sitting with her leg up... No doubt she's a Zerkel :) 
Thursday: Sitting with her leg up... No doubt she's a Zerkel 

  195:365 New tins... Soon to hold sewing goodies. 
Friday: New tins... soon to hold sewing goodies 

  196:365 My little Cookie Monster. 
Saturday: My little Cookie Monster 

 It will be a little quite around here next week... I'm leaving before dawn Tuesday for a whirl-wind 6-day, 3-city trip to NY, MA, and NH. I'll be posting on Instagram (and uploading to Flickr) if you want to follow along on my trip :)

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suemac said...

Have a great trip. Everyone is doing those cute little granny squares.