Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fabric Selection

Fabrics for my quilt projects tend to fall into 2 categories:

Designer Collections 
(usually precuts)

It simply comes down to a matter of ease... by the time all is said and done for the day, if I'm able to get some sewing time in, it is usually from 8pm until I can't keep my eyes open any longer (keeping in mind that we're all up at 5am.) So not having to think of pattern, texture, scale, and color when pulling fabrics just makes it so much easier on me. 

But truth be told, I'm super envious of the beautiful quilts I see on Flickr, on blogs, and on Instagram that don't stick to using just one fabric collection. Those quilts where each piece has been individually and purposefully selected. 

So when I decided to start on a new project, I challenged myself to step away from scrappy... step away from collections... and hand-pick each fabric I'll be using.

Playing with Fabric Options

Tonight I started out by pulling a good selection of red and blue fabrics. And while I wait for the pattern to arrive I'll play around with these... taking some out, adding some different ones in... 

I'm really excited to see this quilt come together!


Emily said...

Beautiful selection!

Tabatha said...

How do you manage to stay up late?? I get up at 4:00 a.m. and can't keep my eyes open past 9:00 p.m.!

Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what the pattern is and what you make!

Jacey said...

You picked a lovely group. I'm glad you found it to be fun!

chi.greenpatch said...

It is totally a challenge to me..