Monday, April 23, 2012

do. Good Stitches

Better late than never... that's the motto for this quilt. The blocks were made by the Grace circle of do. Good Stitches in February, and I wanted to get the quilt finished in March... but life happens. And finally last week I was able to spend a little time finishing it up.

do. Good Stitches - Grace Circle

I decided not to bind this one in the traditional way. I knew the binding process... cutting, piecing, ironing, sewing to the front by machine, hand-stitching to the back... would take at least another day, and I had no idea when I would find that day. I really wanted to finish this up by the end of the weekend. And then I remembered the self-binding technique I've used on other charity quilts... cut the backing fabric 1" wider on all sides than the finished quilt, pull the excess fabric around to the front, fold over, and machine stitch down. The process is supposed to keep well loved (and frequently washed) quilts held together better. Don't know about that, but it sure is easy!


do. Good Stitches - Grace Circle

The quilt will be headed off to My Very Own Blanket this week. Soon to be well loved by a special kid. 

And just because they're too cute not to include... my photo helpers

do. Good Stitches - Grace Circle

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