Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Life Week 9

February 26 - March 3

57:365 Artist at work
Sunday: Artist at work.

58:365 Almost done cutting
Monday: Almost done cutting.

59:365 Trip to Chicago booked.
Tuesday: Trip to Chicago booked.

60:365 A selection of WIPs
Wednesday: A selection of current WIPs

61:365 I could spend all day in this store!
Thursday: I could spend all day in this store!

62:365 Perfect end to a long week.
Friday: Perfect end to a long week.

63:365 Climbing the rock wall (with a little help)
Saturday: Climbing the rock wall (with a little help.)


suemac said...

My granddaughter's love rock climbing. We have a place close by and when they come to visit my son has to spend a couple of evenings at the Main Event. You have a lot of stuff cut out.

Deb said...

a trip to chicago??? yippee!! you're coming to my town! noticed you're ataying at the marriott/oakbrook~ my husband works in oak brook for mcdonald's corp.~ yep, the golden arches one! we live about 20 mins. west of oak brook in batavia. OB is about 1/2way between us and the city! have you been before? you certainly picked a GREAT spot to stay in! will you be able to do any fabric shopping while in town? ~ do you need the names of any quilt shops? you'll be close to one of the world's best shopping center, oak brook center~ located on 22nd street at the intersection of route 83, and spring rd. to the east. mcdonald's headquarters is on the other side of spring road~ 8story building named, "the plaza". their newer (20 yrs. old) location is just a smidge southeast on jorie blvd. and is named COB "Campus Office Building". beautiful grounds, 80 acres of forest preserve, 5 walking trails, 2 lakes and home of world famous training headquarters~ hamburger university, "the lodge" ~hyatt managed hotel and banquet facilities, and two additional office buildings, one of which houses corporate chef dan and test kitchens, beautiful facilities~~. well, enjoy your stay and give a shout-out should you have any questions while in town!