Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dutch Oven Bread

An early birthday gift from hubby...

30:365 Chris surprised me with this today!

... lead to the most magnificent bread I've ever made! (okay... truth told I really don't make any breads other than banana bread and zucchini bread, but still this bread is AMAZING!!)

Dutch Oven Bread

Dutch Oven Bread

67:365 Dutch Oven Bread

I could't resist a little nibble while it was still warm!

The recipe is from Joy the Baker Did you know she just published a cookbook? Think I might need to buy myself a little birthday gift!


Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Oh goodness! This looks delicious!! Tammy the links not working! I need that link! ;O lol yummm

Karamat said...

Oops... Thanks for letting me know!! I've updated the link to Joy's site. The recipe is from late February & called Easy Spicy Garlic Bread in a Pot.

Jacey said...

Sounds delicious! My mom already bought the cookbook for herself, so I'll be borrowing it as soon as I can!