Thursday, February 2, 2012

Made in Cherry

Last night I finished up my Made in Cherry quilt top... made in Swoon by Melissa Averinos.

Made in Cherry Quilt Along

I decided to go with one of the alternate sizes in Chelsea's Quilt Along. Sarah's pattern makes a 80" x 80" top, but since that's too big for me to comfortably quilt myself I went with the 60" x 60" version. Still a good size for snuggling on the sofa!

Made in Cherry Quilt Along

I still need to trim up the Flying Geese sections, but I think I'll wait until after I'm done quilting... after all, I'll need to trim it up anyway when I'm done (and I'm a little bit lazy like that). Now to pick out my backing and binding. It is down to 2... a hot pink or a green... both very similar to the colors in Swoon.


Sharon Pernes said...

How pretty! I did the 60" one also.
I vote for the green.

Rachel said...

Very nice! I'm waiting for more fabric so I can finish my top. Those colors are really fun and bright.

suemac said...

It turned out really cute.