Saturday, February 4, 2012


Last night I took one of these...

Kona Cards

... and turned it into this...

Kona Colors

I've had the thought in my head for a while, but finally decided to take my scissors to one of the cards while in the Hobby Lobby fabric department. I was waiting... and waiting, and waiting, and waiting... to have some Kona cut when I spied this fabric...

Inspiration Fabric

...after playing with the bits and pieces I put together a little fabric selection (hard to believe, but even with 220+ colors, there were still a few colors I couldn't match exactly).

Inspiration + Kona

Kona Colors

Next I played around with some blues and greens. A couple of weeks ago I bought a bunch of Kona colors online... the colors had been suggested, and I bought them without consulting the Kona color card. But I just haven't been loving the full selection... the green keeps yelling at me. So I played around with replacements... and I think I've found a new combination I like.

Color Options


Anonymous said...

Such a smart idea!

Anonymous said...

AARRRGGGGHHHH!!! i think the shop owner just threw a bunch of these out!!!!!