Friday, January 13, 2012

12 Quilts in '12 Challenge

A few of my Houston Modern Quilt Guild friends are hosting a challenge... 12 Quilts in '12.

Oh boy, do I need this motivation! I did a little project inventory recently, and there's more than a few things I need to finish up.

A Few Projects to Complete in 2012

Works in Progress
1. Loulouthi quilt
2. Handpieced hexagon quilt

Quilts That Need Binding
1. Sugar Pop Tumbler
2. Boutique Pinwheel
3. Tranquility Jacob's Ladder

Abandoned Projects
1. Block of the Week (1 block left)
2. Block of the Month (11 blocks left)
3. Pinwheel Sampler (just need to put it all together)
4. Jelly Roll Sampler (just need to put it all together)
5. Farmer's Wife blocks
6. Quiltsmart Apple Core

Quilt Tops That Need Quilting
14!!! I'll spare you the detailed list :) But 5 or 6 of them are small, baby quilts, and a couple I'll be sending out for quilting... so that leaves me another 1/2 dozen to figure out.

And then there's the projects I have planned for this year...Swoon, Made in Cherry, a variation of FITF's Rectangle Squared, and Wonky Interlocking Stars

I'm tired just thinking about it all.


Suburban Stitcher said...

I used to make lists like this...and it wore me out! Now I just finish what I want...and start what I's very freeing :)

suemac said...

Love the fabrics in the upper right hand corner. They are going to make a great looking quilt.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're joining in on the challenge -- not that I see you having much trouble! Can't wait to see what you finish first.

I DO like how Suburban Stitcher rolls, maybe that will be my 2013 mantra!