Monday, October 3, 2011

This is the Year...

... that I finally learn to crochet!

I had a roommate in college that was going to teach me, but we just never got around to it. And my mom and I have been talking about her showing me for about the last 15 years. Mom even brought everything to the hospital when I was being induced for Megan's delivery December 2007 - the IV in my hand (and oh yeah, the contractions) kind of prevented that from happening.

But this is the year!
1. Mom and I are heading to Sewing Summit later this week and she's planning on a little crochet lesson for me when we have some free time (maybe the flight there or home... looks like we are going to have a BUSY weekend.)
2. There are plans for a do. Good Stitches meet-up/pop-up crochet and knitting lesson at Sewing Summit one evening after the day's activities are over.
3. Crafty Minx is running a Crochet School through out the month of October.


There's nothing stopping me now!


Suburban Stitcher said...

You can do it! Crochet is SO much easier than quilting :) I'm so excited that you and your mom are headed to SLC! I really had hoped it was in the cards for me this year...but alas...didn't work out. Have a great trip...and we'll have to catch up at market!

suemac said...

I crocheted before I quilted. I made several crocheted afghans. It is really easy and relaxing.