Friday, September 30, 2011

San Francisco

Last year my sister moved to the San Francisco area, got married, and is now expecting a baby girl in November. So last weekend Megan, my mom and I headed out West for my sister's baby shower.

On Sunday we drove into San Francisco for a day full of the tourist sights:

Crossing the Bay Bridge
Crossing the Bay Bridge on our way into the city.

A quick trip to Japantown (my hunt for cute Bento Box things was a bust... I think I need more shopping time!)

Loved this sign...
I loved this sign... it reminds me how flat Houston is!

Boudin Bakery
The bread from Boudin Bakery was INCREDIBLE!!

No time for a tour... this will be on my list for next time.

Sea Lions
We loved watching the Sea Lions.

Lombard Street
A trip down Lombard Street

Golden Gate
And we took the fogged in Golden Gate bridge home.

But the best part... Megan loved getting to meet her new cousins!


Suburban Stitcher said...

Beautiful pictures! I can tell that you've been working on your photography a lot this year! It shows! You getting ready for market? I'm bringing a friend this year, and I'm going to schoolhouse :)

Jana said...

Those cousins are adorable. Thanks for sharing your SF trip with us. Great pictures. Made me remember great times from when I lived there.

suemac said...

It reminded me of how much I miss California.