Friday, September 30, 2011

San Francisco

Last year my sister moved to the San Francisco area, got married, and is now expecting a baby girl in November. So last weekend Megan, my mom and I headed out West for my sister's baby shower.

On Sunday we drove into San Francisco for a day full of the tourist sights:

Crossing the Bay Bridge
Crossing the Bay Bridge on our way into the city.

A quick trip to Japantown (my hunt for cute Bento Box things was a bust... I think I need more shopping time!)

Loved this sign...
I loved this sign... it reminds me how flat Houston is!

Boudin Bakery
The bread from Boudin Bakery was INCREDIBLE!!

No time for a tour... this will be on my list for next time.

Sea Lions
We loved watching the Sea Lions.

Lombard Street
A trip down Lombard Street

Golden Gate
And we took the fogged in Golden Gate bridge home.

But the best part... Megan loved getting to meet her new cousins!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

do. Good Stitches

The quilt I planned for do. Good Stitches is all done!

do. Good Stitches Postage Stamp Quilt

Throughout August each lady in the Grace circle made 2- 12.5" postage stamp blocks.

August do. Good Stitches

I put them all together (with a little help from kitty)


And quilted it on my mom's machine.


Now it is ready for a new home!

do. Good Stitches Postage Stamp Quilt

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jane Market Bag

I made another Jane Market bag this week. This one is going to Sewing Summit with me... for the shop hop, for carrying FQ Swap and Color Wheel Swap packages, and any other goodies I might need.

Jane Market Bag

I made a few modification this time (thanks to suggestions from some seasoned Jane Market bag makers)... adding fusible fleece to the bag and interfacing to the handles.

Despite working with fusible fleece 1,000 times before, I struggled with it this time (might have had something to do with a sick little one getting me up at 3am, 3:30am, 4:15am, and finally for good at 5am!) I'll try another one with the fusible fleece, but I think next time I'll cut the fleece a little bigger than the fabric and trim down once fused (some how I just couldn't get it cut right!) and I'll use a little bigger seam allowance (1/4" was hard to maintain in the thicker seams.)

I think my next one will be a library book bag for Megan from Poky Little Puppy/Golden Books fabrics.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Life Week 37

September 11 - September 17

A couple more blocks for do. Good Stitches Postage Stamp quilt.

The do. Good Stitches quilt is kitty-approved.

Quilting the do. Good Stitches quilt.

My new travel sewing kit.

Megan's coloring skills are getting better and better (I thought daddy helped her out with this one!)

This space intentionally left blank.
I've been working on a commissioned quilting piece, but didn't ask if I can show it yet... I'll update once I get the go-ahead.

HMQG Habitat Challenge... lots of GREAT things made!! (totally forgot to bring mine for show-n-tell)

(Next week's Project Life won't be posted on Sunday ... I'm taking Megan to San Francisco next weekend to see my sister and nephew!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel + Sewing

I'll be doing a little traveling over the next month and a half and plan on taking some hand-sewing projects with me... great for those hours spent in airports and on planes!

Travel Sewing Kit

So I was THRILLED when I saw this tutorial pop up on Pinterest!! A few months ago I got to see the original one that Strawberrylicious made for Liz in the Make Mine Modern swap... super cute!! Making one for myself was on my would-like-to-do-someday list. Well, with a BIG THANKS to Amy for coming up with the tutorial, I now have one of my own!

Travel Sewing Kit

Fabrics are some scraps of 2 DS Quilts prints and 1 print from the Milly collection by Erin Ries for Clothworks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project Life Week 36

September 4 - September 10

Special blocks for a couple of extra-special quilts.

Quilting away on my Sugar Pop tumbler quilt.

Just a little more than a month until our trip!!!

Luggage Strap - my project for the HMQG Habitat Challenge.

My first embroidery project

NH magazine clipping my aunt sent... beautiful house with 4 seasons... makes me want to move TODAY!!

A fun day at the Children's Museum with Grandma!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HMQG Habitat Challenge

So last week I showed a picture of the work in progress of my Habitat Challenge piece.

WIP - HMQG Habitat Challenge

Well I finished up over the holiday weekend... a luggage strap for my upcoming trips in September and October!

Luggage Strap

I used this tutorial... and it went together perfectly!

Luggage Strap

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project Life Week 35

August 28 - September 3

Love this album... and listen to it almost every day.

Megan + Chocolate Pudding = A BIG MESS

Working on my Habitat Challenge project for HMQG.

I've been cutting and sewing away on a SV quilt, and finally stopped to count squares... I have way more than I need... maybe 2 quilts?!?

Finally basted the Sugar Pop Tumber quilt... and guess what's on the iPod... The Black Keys

Megan added a couple of new members to her fish family.

We never miss a chance to ride the carousal when at the zoo.