Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ups and Downs Quilt

Late Monday night I finished piecing the Ups and Downs quilt. L.O.V.E. this quilt!!

Ups and Downs Quilt

This is the biggest quilt I've made in awhile... 90" x 90"... 100 9-piece blocks

Ups and Downs Quilt

For sure this one is going to have to go out for quilting... no way I'm going to try to get all of that through my sewing machine... and I'd use my mom's long-arm, but I think she still has the shorter table/poles set up and this one won't fit.

Ups and Downs Quilt

But first I need to decide on a backing (leaning towards the fabric in the bottom of the picture.)

Backing Options for Ups and Downs Quilt

Pattern: Ups and Downs by Sarah Fielke published in Down Under Quilts
Fabric: From Little Things by Sarah Fielke and Moda Crossweave in Natural


Sharon Pernes said...

I love Sarah's patterns, this quilt is great!

thelastpiece said...

I'm voting for the green hairy spots :) Looks fab!!

Debbie said...

What great fabric did you use as the background? Love it! Wonderful quilt, well done.

Anonymous said...

Love this! I'd go for the bottom fabric.

suemac said...

Very nice. It is huge but beautiful.

traceyjay said...

oh my word... I love it too! The crossweave is gorgeous with those prints... such a beautiful quilt... good work. :)

(I like the backing you liked)