Friday, July 22, 2011


I get so excited about the potential of new projects that I really can't hold back from starting while the idea is fresh. So I guess that's how I end up with more projects in the works than I can keep count of.

I'm slowly working my way through...


* Ups and Downs quilt with Sarah Fielke's From Little Things
* A baby quilt... that Ruby patchwork started out as another project, but it just wasn't working out. So I'm repurposing into a baby quilt (although I'll need to wait for the yardage release to finish it up).
* Two bee blocks... a Bowtie block (the Odyssea fabric) and a word block (the red E is from my test run, the actual fabrics are in that pile).


* More pieces of the Ups and Downs quilt
* Fabric for a couple of Jane Market Bags (gifts needed for Monday... guess I better get onto those!)


* A small lap quilt that needs to be quilted.
* Fabric selection for a project for my Make Mine Modern swap partner.

There are a few more in process projects... more bee blocks, a few more baby bibs, getting caught up on my Farmer's Wife blocks... and lots more I'd love to start, but for now I'm committed to clearing off my sewing table (and ironing board).

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suemac said...

I finally got one baby quilt all the way done and am working on one of my granddaughter's quilts. I feel like I am finally getting somewhere. You seem like you are getting projects done also. It is a good feeling.