Friday, June 17, 2011

Innocent Crush Brick Path Quilt

Remember my No-Snow Snow-Day quilt? Well, I finally got it finished up.

The plan was for me to quilt it on Mom's long-arm machine. But after some chit-chat, getting the kiddo set up with a movie, piecing the backing, and loading the quilt onto the machine, we decided to go shopping! In our defense it was the last day of 50% off Warm & Natural batting at JoAnns.

Innocent Crush Brick Path

So Mom quilted it for me. And she had a great verigated thread... blues, yellows, purples... it matched the fabrics perfectly!


Thanks Mom!


Amy said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I really like these fabrics.

Jessica said...

I love everything about this quilt! That line is one of my favorites :)

suemac said...

Normally I am not an Innocent Crush fan but I love it in your quilt. It is beautiful.

Jenniffier said...

What a nice looking quilt. Great job!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! It's so fun and bright, perfect for summer even if it did start as a no-snow snow-day quilt.

Charlise said...

I love your Quilt!