Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project Life Week 12

March 20 - March 26

New soccer gear = fun day in the yard

We've been adding LOTS more fruit to our diet.

It seems like my whole life is in this notebook... to do lists, notes, shopping lists... I love having everything in one place.

My poor package arrived a little beat up!

Recreating one of my favorite quilts for a good cause.

One of many WIPs (including 11 quilt tops that need to tbe quilted!) I'm coming up with a plan of attack to get these completed!

Megan's stamps from SoccerTots. The first week of class she wanted nothing to do with the stamps, now she's the first in line at the end of class each week!

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative Tuesday

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suemac said...

Love the hand stamps. I had a package arrive pretty beat up also but the fabric was in a baggie so no harm.