Friday, March 18, 2011

Patchwork Notecard - Tutorial

For my birthday today, a little gift for you... the requested tutorial for the patchwork notecards I made a couple of weeks ago.

Patchwork Notecards

*Selection of fabric strips from 1" to 2" (all my pieces are 2.5" from another project, I'll be cutting them down as I work through the project)
*Foundation fabric 6" x 8"
*Plain notecard (I bought a package on sale at the local arts & crafts store)
*Optional: glue stick


1. Place your first piece (right side up) covering a corner of the base fabric.

Layer 1st Piece

2. Place your second piece (right side down) over your first piece, matching raw edges. Stitch 1/4" seam along the raw edges.

Layer 2nd Piece

3. Flip second piece right side up, and iron in place.

First Seam

4. Repeat until foundation fabric is fully covered. If your bottom piece is too big, place the next piece up a little rather than alligning raw edges. Once you've stitched the seam, trim off any excess (just be sure to not cut through your foundation fabric.)

Trim Excess

5. Your block should now look something like this:

Untrimmed Block

Trim all stitched pieces even with the foundation fabric.

Triming the Block

Trimmed Block

6. Cut your block into 4 pieces.

Cut into Quarters

7. Stitch your mini-blocks to the front of a plain notecard. I use a touch of glue stick to hold the piece in place, and stitch 1/8" from the edge with a long stitch length.

Ready to Stitch

Finished Card

Have fun!


Dianne said...

Cute tutorial! And more importantly...HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!! Hope you have a great day :)

Just One More Thing said...

Happy Birthday -- hope all yor wishes come true. I've been watching for this tutorial. Can't wait to try these:)

suemac said...

Happy birthday. Thanks for the tutorial. Those notecards are so cute.