Friday, February 4, 2011

No Snow Snow-Day

We were expecting 1 - 3" of snow today. Turns out we didn't get any snow, but we did get lots of ice. The whole city of Houston pretty much shut down for the day (don't laugh... we can handle rain, floods, unreasonable heat and humidity, but we have no infrastructure to handle Winter weather.)

So inbetween Disney movies, coloring, and floor puzzles with the little one I was able to get a quilt pieced.


Wow - that makes 3 quilt tops made so far this year. Okay, now I really need to get down to quilting.


laurawilson25 said...

I live in the Beaumont area. We are not set up for this cold weather. Your quilt top is beautiful! I crocheted a scarf for my mom's birthday during our unexpected school holiday.

Dianne said...

I crocheted a hat yesterday. I used it this morning...and it's SOOOO warm!

Claire said...

love the quilt top!!

we've been watching movies like crazy too!

and don't feel bad about the weather...i live in an area where we get it all and every year it seems that people forget how to drive when there are just a flakes in the air....they don't know how to slow down and when they do, they stomp on their brakes, which causes them to spin out, that could lead to pile-ups if the people behind them aren't paying attention....they're crazy here, so i just keep off the road and stay home where it's nice and warm and cozy!