Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sad Time in Houston for Quilters

This last week three Houston-area independent fabric shops announced that they were closing.

* Sew Crafty in the Heights - I really wanted to take their intro crochet class. Should have signed up for a class a long time ago.

* Time Treasured Quilts - My mom and I had the chance to spend a couple of hours with Cheryl this summer while checking out the Gammil Long-Arm machines... such a nice lady! I only wish her shop had been closer to me (almost an hour away)... I would have spent A LOT more time there!

* Sew Contempo in Missouri City - They are keeping their original Clear Lake store open, but closing down the Missouri City location. This was a great resource for hard-to-find prints! I'll really miss them and will have to stop by the other store the next time HMQG meets in the area.

New Fabrics
Sale fabrics from Sew Contempo

Slow economy... rising cotton prices... tight credit... it is a hard time to be a small business. Make sure to give your favorite independent-fabric stores a little love.


Dianne said...

You did better than me...I got twice as much fabric today :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the reminder! When I heard about rising cotton prices I only thought about how it would affect me, I didn't think about my LQS maybe going out of business. I better rush over there right now!

Bry said...

So sad about all these stores! Especially Sew Crafty! I loved that place :(

Sandy O. said...

Yes, small businesses are the most hurt by the worldwide economy. I have a small gift shop in Lisbon and will be closing doors by the end of this month. Also, fabrics are very very expensive over here, maybe it's our 23% VAT. This year is going to be very rough.

Aggiequilter said...

Wasn't too surprised that Sew Contempo in Missouri City closed ... it wasn't due to rising fabric costs! The shop never got off to a good start, they had awful staff there the first 2 years. When they made changes, it was just too late. Quilters shop at all the other LQS, they just didn't care for this one. Didn't offer enough books, patterns or quilts for inspiration. It was a sewing machine store with fabric in the back. Could have been SO much better!!!