Thursday, January 20, 2011

Double Trouble

I started sewing together a quilt Tuesday and knew from the start that I couldn't chain piece... I know me... something would get flipped or pieced together out of order. And with the layout of this quilt that would mean too much time with my seam ripper.

About the time I was finishing up the third row I was wishing I had some leaders/enders... at least then I wouldn't have to deal with strings and a loose first stitch on EVERY SINGLE new seam. Well, I didn't have any pieces cut for leaders/enders, but I could work in the half square triangles for my next project.

So here I am... stitching one side of a half square triangle, then one square, then the other side of a half square triangle...

2 Projects At Once

...wish me luck!

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Needled Mom said...

Love the fabrics though!!!!