Friday, April 30, 2010

I {heart} Tula Pink

I've been fairly happy with my Tula Pink stash... there's the Plume fat quarter set hubby got me for my birthday last month... the Nest layer cake I bought when I got back into quilting a few years ago (along with that great fat quater stack I picked up later)... some Neptune for projects long forgotten... a couple jelly rolls of Hushabye I couldn't resist... and I even found a couple charm packs a Full Moon Forest not long ago.

But the one thing missing was Flutterby. And then I found it... a shop with Flutterby charm packs in stock. I couldn't believe it! So I placed an order for a "reasonable" amount. But then I kept thinking and thinking... what about all those poor charm packs left behind... they need a home too. So I called them up the next day - caught my order just before it was packed up and was able to add a few more.

Is your Tula Pink collection missing something? Hurry over to and enter her giveaway... she's giving away one Jelly Roll each Friday for 6 weeks. The Plume giveaway was today, but there's still some great things coming up !!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 17 Stash Report

So I had a bit of an itchy on-line buying finger this week... Some of it arrived Wednesday, some of it should be here first part of the week. I'm so excited! Once the last of it arrives I'll post about it :-)

I feel good that I got a couple things checked off my to-do list... even with meetings Tuesday and Wednesday night!

First up - Item 1 & 2 for the Urban Home Goods Swap on Flickr. I have one more thing planned and then everything will go in the mail. Hope my partner likes them! Everything is made from Freebird by Momo for Moda (and is available in the shop)

Next up - I finished piecing the Quilts For Kids kit. I hope to have it quilted this week so it can get back in the mail.

And I started on my Hexagon Charm Quilt. The idea is that no fabric is repeated through out the quilt. And considering this will need somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 - 2000 pieces I think I've got my work cut out for me!! I did have a supersweet on-line friend offer up some scraps... she sent about 100 great pieces!! I've worked up about a third of what she sent (the ones in the center of the picture.)

So while I didn't get very far on busting my stash, at least I got some sewing done this week.

Week 17
Used This Week: 2.50
Used Year to Date: 67.75

Added This Week: 10.50
Added Year to Date: 229.75

Net Used This Year: -162.00

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Urban Home Goods Swap

I've signed up for my first online swap in probably 10 years... the Urban Home Goods swap over on Flickr. I'm so excited to see what everyone makes (and what's coming my way!!)

I've had the hardest time making a decision about what to make, and what fabrics to use. I've probably changed my mind at least 2 dozen times. But this week I finally picked fabrics - Freebird by Momo for Moda (Momo is on my partner's list of favorite designers). And now I think I have everything planned out.

I'm looking forward to spending some time working on these projects this weekend!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 16 Stash Report

Why is it I can never actually get as much completed in a week as what I think I can (or should)? I really thought I'd be flying through projects this week, but it just didn't happen.

I did spend some time on putting together a Quilts For Kids kit that arrived this week. I'll get the borders on it tomorrow and then work on quilting it. (I won't be counting the kit as fabrics in or out.)

I got some "strings" cut for a chairty quilt mom and I are working on.

And I think I've finally decided what fabrics I'll use for the {Urban} Home Goods swap.

Week 16
Used This Week: 3.5
Used Year to Date: 65.25

Added This Week: 0.00
Added Year to Date: 219.25

Net Used This Year: -154.00

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Has The Year Gone?

So as I was paying my Q1 2010 taxes yesterday it hit me that this year is over a quarter done. Wasn't it just January? Next thing we know it'll be the middle of the hot Texas summer.

I thought it might be time to take a look at my 2010 To-Do list... see what I've gotten done, what I've changed my mind about, and what I still want to do...

1. Quilt for Megan's bed - needs borders and to be quilted
2. Beatrix Potter Wrap Dress & Bloomers - DONE Megan wore the dress for Easter
3. Attitude Girls Apron - DONE
4. Woodland Delight Miss Madeline Dress
5. Valentine's Day Felize Dress - ran out of time for this one
6. Sock Monkey Top and Pants
7. Coffee Cozy
8. List Taker (for me!!!)
9. Stick Horse
10. Shana Bell Tunic (also for me!!)
11. Cookie Monday Scarf-a-long - DONE
12. Nest Mobius - DONE, but made it from Bloom & Grow rather than Nest
13. Nest Scarf
14. Nest Quilt
15. String Quilt
16. Weeds in God's Garden Quilt
17. Loralie Dog Quilt
18. Charm Skirt & Top with Embroidered Horse - Skirt DONE (embroidery machine is gathering dust!)
19. Texas A&M Charm Quilt
20. Ruffle Charm Quilt
21. ABC Book for Megan
22. Aline Dress with Ruffled Underskirt
23. Poky Little Puppy Vida
24. Dog Coat from the book One Yard Wonders

Wow - I need to get to work on some of these projects!

I've done a little sewing this week... I'm only one block behind in Rachel's Pinwheel Quilt-Along (although this picture only shows weeks 1 - 4)

And, as of Monday, I was caught up on the Jelly Roll Quilt-Along (need to get block #4 done now.)
This weekend my mom and I are going to start on a charity quilt. The Houston Modern Quilt Guild is meeting Saturday afternoon for a mix of business and sewing. Rather than take our sewing machines, mom and I are going to bring our fabrics and start cutting for the quilt.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 15 Stash Report

Yes, I know I'm a day late here, but I have a good reason!

The fundraising event I was co-chairing was Saturday. And for the last couple of weeks I have lived and breathed Glitter & Gloss... rarely did I get more than 4 hours of sleep a night, and I was constantly worried that we weren't ready, we had forgotten something BIG, no one would show up, etc. By Saturday my body gave out... I had been fighting off asthma attacks for a week. And Albuterol was working... until Saturday. So after the event was over, I headed home to tuck Megan into bed and take a (much needed) shower, and then headed over to the ER for breathing treatments. A does of Prednisone, a shot of something, and 2 breathing treatments later I was breathing MUCH better. But what I didn't plan for was how exhusted I would be on Sunday. Even a quick trip my visit my mom exhusted me! But another day of rest and I'm feeling even better.

With all that was going on last week, of course I didn't get any sewing done. I didn't even take the cover off my machine all week. But I did do a fair amount of late night on-line shopping!!

Let's see... there was:
* Jelly Roll of Candy Kisses
* 2 Jelly Rolls of Rouennerries
* 2 yards Whimsy (border for an upcoming quilt)
* 1 yard Verna (binding for another upcoming quilt)
* 4 pieces of various sizes of Simple Abundance (borders/binding for a couple of quilts)
* 2 pieces of Rouennerries (for borders on a Rural Jardin quilt - still need to get border fabric for the quilt to come from the Rouennerries Jelly Rolls!!)

There's lots and lots on my sewing to-do list... I'm looking forward to some productive days this week.

Week 15
Used This Week: 0
Used Year to Date: 61.75

Added This Week: 24.25
Added Year to Date: 219.25

Net Used This Year: -157.50

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 14 Stash Report

I did a little shopping this week... there's only one WalMart with a fabric department left near me, so I stocked up on some Disney fabrics for our next trip to Disney World (not sure when that will be though).

And I did a little sewing this week... one more pillowcase and a crayon apron for a charity raffle next weekend (Paula Prass Woodland Delight and Riley Blake Essential Dots fabrics).

By this time next week the BIG project I've been working on for months will be over. My evenings and weekends will be mine once again... No more meetings... No more 2am fights with Mail Merge.... No more missing bedtime hugs and kisses... No more skipping morning workouts to squeeze in a little more work time every day.... and no more putting off personal and professional needs... it has been a fun project, but one that took more time and resources than I ever imagined... now I can't wait to tackle my list of pending projects!!

Week 14

Used This Week: 3.25
Used Year to Date: 61.75

Added This Week: 14.75
Added Year to Date: 195.00

Net Used This Year: -133.25