Friday, December 31, 2010

A {Sewing} Year in Review - 2010

2010 Sewing

2010 Completed Projects:
Breath of Avaignon Quilt (Dec), Flat Megan (Dec), Shopping Bag (Dec), Rag Quilt (Dec), 10 Crayon Wallets (Dec), Cow Top (Dec), 4 Pillowcases (Dec), 8 one-yard-hugs (Dec), Gift Bag (Nov), Holiday Pillowcase 1 (Nov), Sock Monkey Flannel Quilt (Nov), Christmas Top (Nov), Firefighter Top (Nov), Tinkerbell (Oct), Arm Splints (Sept), Teddy Bear Aline (Sept), Fresh Cottons Baby Quilt (Sept), Plume Puppy (July), Fresh Modern Bee Block (July), Mini-Jelly Filled Quilt (June), Fresh Modern Bee Blocks (June), Migration Quilt (June), Toddler Two-Piece (June), Bird Talk Crayon Apron (May), Quilt For Kids (May), Urban Home Goods Swap (Apr), Crayon Apron (Apr), Pillow Case #7 (Apr), Pillow Case #6 (Mar), Pillow Case #5 (Mar), Faith Double Layer Top (rodeo) (Mar), Faith Double Layer Top (zoo) (Mar), Spool Birds (Mar), Pillow Case #4 (Mar), Pillow Case #2 & 3 (Feb), Skirt (Feb), Pillow Case #1 (Feb), Rag Flannel Quilt x2 (Feb), Valentine's Day Easy Fit Pants (Feb), Mobius Wrap (Feb), Siggy Blocks (Jan), Ruffle Butt Diaper Cover (Jan), Wrap Dress (Jan), Cookie Monday Scarf Along (Jan), Charm Twirl Skirt (Jan), Apron (Jan)

Stash Report
Added in 2010: 373.75
Used in 2010: 161.00

Net Used in 2010: -212.75

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Dianne said...

I think that I need to keep myself honest this year and do the sunday stash report. I was completely in awe of all of the people who did it...and actually used more than they bought!