Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 42 Stash Report

I really didn't mean to miss last week's Stash Report... but it had been an exhusting day and the only thing I added to the stash was some Kona cotton to be used as backings.

This week wasn't any more exciting... more Kona cotton for backings. Somehow I miscalculated for both quilts when I went shopping last week. So today, instead of piecing those backings, I was back at the store for more Kona cotton. Maybe this week I'll finally get those 2 quilts basted.

And just so this isn't another post without pictures... here's what I'm mailing off tomorrow for the SavVy Seasons Swap. I hope my partner likes her goodies and it helps with the long, cold winter.

SavVy Seasons Swap

SavVy Seasons Swap

Week 42
Added This Week: 10.50
Added Year to Date: 318.50

Used This Week: 3.00
Used Year to Date: 118.50

Net Used This Year: -200.00


KarrieLyne said...

I NEED to make myself some of those stay put towels for my kitchen!!

AllieKatMom said...

Stay put towels.....Christmas gifts!!! check!!