Friday, October 1, 2010

Minimalism by Theft

Have you been over to Crystal's new blog? I absolutely love her Minimalism by Theft idea!!

Over the last couple of years we've sort of outgrown our house. It seams a little silly... this house that the 3 of us live in is bigger than the house I grew up in, and there were 5 of us living there. I've started clearing some closets... I've got 5 garbage bags full of Megan's clothes ready to take to the Women's Center Resale Shop. And Chris bought me a Kindel a couple of weeks ago... I love it!!! Now I just need to work on clearing out the bookcases (will I ever really read all those books?)

And now I'm going to give Minimalism by Theft a try. I've asked Chris to "steal" one thing from me each day this month. He asked if anything was off-limits... I only ask that he not "steal" from a current project on my sewing table. After all, the goal is to see what's lying around the house that I no longer need... and not to drive me crazy.

Want to see what Crystal found in her box? Check out her posts here and here.


Needled Mom said...

Interesting concept. I would be very afraid of what my hubby would steal from my things.

Crystal said...

I'm so excited to see what ends up in the box and what you do about it. I hope it's a good experience for really opened my eyes!